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Cinco is Blackbird Sing’s long awaited sophomore release.  This collection of songs is a mature continuation of Enemies From Years of Loving.


1) Heart Strings

2) Oh Darling

3) Sacramental

4) Oh Brother

5) Battle of Sanan



Battle of Sanan

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Enemies From Years of Loving



Enemies From Years of Loving is Blackbird Sing’s debut album that was released April 1, 2013 on Shiner Records. It is a Country tinged-Americana album that contains memoirs of lost love and coming of age. Pulling from an eclectic mix of influences, the band brought to life songs that were penned by Vito and created a unique brand of roots music they call Texicana. Produced by Grammy winning producer-engineer Stuart Sikes (of Loretta Lynn, White Stripes, and Cat Power fame) the band was able to retain much of it’s trademark sound and yet polish some of the rough edges making the band a much tighter outfit. This collection of songs is a sonic testament that chivalry is alive and well in the county of Bexar.


1) No Te Cuesta Nada (Intro)

2) Friday Night Lightning

3) Manxiety

4) Pessimistic and the Lions Will

5) Hales

6) If You Own It

7) Song that End in The

8) Moonlight and Valentina

9) The Days Like Flowers Go

10) Promise of a Rising Son

11) Hey Jealousy



Hey Jealousy

Friday Night Lightning

Moonlight and Valentina


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